BASF 北米でMonomeric MDIのフォースマジュールを宣言

1/26、BASFは寒波の影響を受け、Monomeric MDI(ピュアMDI、MMDI)及びこれを含む製品のフォースマジュールを宣言した。ソースに依ればBASFガイスマー工場(Geismar,ルイジアナ州)は大寒波により凍結損傷したとしている。
1/24にはテキサス州フリーポートにMDI工場を持つDOWがForce Majeureを宣言している。
DOW 北米MDIフォースマジュール宣言


From January 14-18, 2018, the Geismar, LA area experienced extend periods of severe weather and freezing temperatures. As a result, plant operations at our Geismar, LA manufacturing site have been impacted due to freeze damage. In addition, the severe weather and freezing temperatures have negatively impacted our ability to secure the required raw material to resume normal operations. Therefore, we regret to inform you that we must declare force majeure as of the date of this letter on the following products: 1) Monomeric MDI (MDI), 2) MDI containing blends. We are actively working with our raw material supply partners and are taking the necessary steps at our site to prepare the plant for normal operations.



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